Winnetka Hockey Club

House League Friend Request 2019-2020



The Winnetka Hockey Club has instituted the following Friend request policy for our House League. Please be mindful that our #1 priority is to create BALANCED teams within our house league. We believe these policies will help us achieve that goal, while also allowing our participants the opportunity to play with a friend.

Only requests that meet these requirements will be considered.


  • All Friend Requests are NOT GUARANTEED.
  • Requests are done on a first come, first serve basis
  • Requests made by phone, email, or without the completed form below will NOT be accepted.
  • Requests received after the evaluations will NOT be accepted.
  • Each player may request to be paired with ONE other player. The player being requested must also request to be paired with the same player for the request to be granted.
  • Siblings will be paired together unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Volunteer coaches listed on the roster will be paired with their own children. Each roster is permitted to list one official head coach and one official assistant coach.
  • No player may request to be paired with a coach.
  • Our focus is to create fun and balanced teams. If a request is deemed to create either an unfair skill advantage or disadvantage, we reserve the right to deny or cancel any roster request.
  • Please make sure the friend you requested has also chosen you...we cannot accept friend requests unless that occurs.

** You will need the email address of the player/parent you are requesting as they will receive a copy of this submission. **

NOTE: On the next page when asked "Who are you registering?", select your player.


Please direct questions to:

Tom Gullen